Friday, 28 April 2017

Sephora and its Boxes

I’m not entirely sure why Sephora always insists on sending orders in boxes. I could understand if it was a huge order, but for an order with only a face mask, some face oil, a lipstick, and three little samples, why not use a bubble envelope mailer? Wouldn’t this both pad the items and use less materials for shipping?

Why is this big of a box used for these little items?

All that packaging for three tiny samples, a lipstick, and two small skincare products.

Also, why is it that companies insist on double packaging items like lipstick (why not use a safety seal or sticker instead of a whole box on top of the tube of lipstick)?

For items like a glass bottle of oil, I suppose a cardboard box makes sense to pad the item and the same with a glass jar of face mask, but there’s no way that they need these boxes plus an entire huge cardboard box, bubble wrap, and a bunch of packing paper too.

Does Sephora use these big boxes for every order just so that its devotees can have unboxing videos on YouTube?