Friday, 3 November 2017

Cadbury Fun Treats: There’s Nothing Fun About a Half Empty Box

Because it's "fun" to get only a microscopic piece of a chocolate bar . . . 
We didn’t expect a lot of trick-or-treaters in our neighbourhood, so my husband bought a smaller box of chocolate bars that usual. He bought the Cadbury Fun Treats 45 count or 501 grams box.

This box was about a foot tall so it makes it seem as if your 45 chocolate bars might actually be a fairly generous size; they're not.
We left them in the cupboard until Hallowe’en, when I opened the box.

Great a half empty box. That's what every customer wants to see.

What a rip off! The box looked like it was almost empty.

It was half empty. It’s bad enough that Hallowe’en candy is even more of a rip-off then it was when we were children (how much smaller can these chocolate bars get before they’re invisible?), but then Cadbury has to add to that by wasting half a box with empty space (when there is already a bunch of packaging happening since each microscopic bar is already individually wrapped in plastic).

Why would they do this? Is it to deceive customers into thinking there are more chocolate bars than there are? Or that they’re bigger than they are? It certainly isn’t to protect the chocolate bars (as companies claim that “slack fill” protects chips in half empty bags). Whatever the reason, they should just cut this wasteful practice out. Wasting all that cardboard is disgusting. The generation that’s trick-or-treating now will be upset not only with the size of the “fun” sized chocolate bars, but also by the state of the Earth that they inherit. Yes, cardboard is recyclable, but reducing and eliminating waste is better (50% of the box was unnecessary, so 50% of it would not need to be recycled now if it had not been used in the first place and there would have been 50% less resources used on either end, trees, dye, water, energy and then energy to recycle as well as fuel for the recycling trucks and on and on). Recycling takes a lot of resources to do so it shouldn't make us feel that great that something that is waste is recyclable. It would be better to just reduce or eliminate that waste to begin with. Companies that have so many customers who are children should lead by example and reduce their packaging and footprint on the environment to help these young customers have a better future where there might actually be some resources left for them.

And there’s nothing “fun” about a half empty box of candy, Cadbury.

Believe it or not there are 45 "fun" sized chocolate bars in this colander. How much smaller could they get?